In the beginning...

XLR8 Education Services provides driving schools and public schools with needed curriculum. Beginning as a Mom and Pop driving school, in 2011 in Waco, TX, as Central Texas Driving School, Tonya and Charles Dansby wrote 135 hour curriculum to train individuals to become driving school instructors. This was recognized by the Texas Education Agency and later, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations as a college equivalent 9 hour course. Next, the couple wrote a 90 credit hour course (6 college credit hours for a Supervising Driver Education Training course. As a certified Special Education Teacher and Principal, Mrs. Dansby found more effective means to teach students. She and Mr. Dansby hired the best of the best instructors to train for their school. Many of them also having higher degrees in education.

Together, they taught thousands of teens and adults to drive. Because so many members of the driving school team had Special Education training, parents with children with learning differences flocked to Central Texas Driving School. It was then that XLR8 Driver Education began to form. The team knew they could reach students with different needs in the Central Texas area, but what about the rest of Texas? What about students in areas who didn't have accessibility to traditional driver education? XLR8 Driver Education was created for ALL students. Teens wanting a good driver education program could benefit from great design and teaching. XLR8 Driving School stands out however, because typical classroom adaptations and modifications were added to the program so that students with learning differences could participate in the same class their friends were and THRIVE. The XLR8 team believes that everyone should have a chance to be as independent as they can be. XLR8 allows students to surpass boundaries they once knew!

Pulling on other team members' experiences and degrees, more continuing education curriculum was created and there are sure to be more to come!