• XLR8drivingschool.com

    XLR8 Driving School's program was written by a certified teacher and principal. Using her 20+ years of regular and special education teaching experience, she designed a program to capture the attention of students with different learning styles. XLR8 Driving School is known for incorporating modifications and adaptations for students with learning differences and various learning needs. Included in the program are "checks for understanding", text-to-speak options, opportunity for re-reading and re-learning, mini-lessons to reduce anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed, extra time to complete assignments, engaging videos, added white space and larger font size, as well as hands-on learning activities. XLR8 Driving School incorporates fun, colorful and exciting graphics to further help engage students in this learning process. XLR8 Driving School is licensed by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and fulfills the Texas requirements for 32 hours of classroom, 14 hours of in-car instruction, and 30 hours of additional drive time.


  • Continuing Education

    Continuing education programs have been designed to meet State standards for yearly driving instructor training. The online, four hour classes were written by a Supervising Driver Education Teacher (ST-DET) who has a Masters in Education and 20+ years of teaching experience. Illustrations were produced by a classically trained artist with over 20 years of design experience. Driving Instructors may take one class each year to maintain good standing with Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

    Course 101 - $40

    4 Hours - Teaching techniques for in-car instruction including tips, tricks and ways to avoid common errors.

    Course 102 - $40

    4 Hours - Advanced knowledge and laws for carseat and seatbelt use. Police interaction: How to behave during a traffic stop.